Are you Depressed?


 By: Tauqeer Hassan

In today modern life styles, one as human beings we have gained many materialistic achievements in our lives, but with the increased demands and fast running life styles we all are forgetting the importance of inner peace and calmness in to our lives and thus inviting unhealthiness in our minds and souls not even realizing the unwelcoming disease along. Depression is one of the most commonly found yet most lately detected diseases of the modern era. With so many cases of depression unrecognized and therefore untreated one may be those suffering depressive symptoms but still wondering what exactly is wrong with oneself. 

Sometimes, though we may feel foolish to go to a doctor for consultation thinking the fact that we won’t be able to actually make the doctor understand the reason of the feeling of sickness. But the sooner we know the symptoms of the illness named depression the more quickly we will be treated for the disease thus helping ourselves to live happily and healthy. 

The questionnaire listed below will be taken as a quick guide to how one might be feeling if one is suffering an attack of depression. 

– Suddenly transformed into pessimistic and dark, this means a more sustained lowering mood. We all have bad days in our regular routines, but we need to check that we are not feeling hopeless about life for no particular reason. 

– We all feel exhausted after a busy day or after a period of high stress, but we need to check if there is a deep bone tiredness which seems to settle over mind and body and make us feel in capable of even the smallest effort. Do you find nothing makes you smile anymore? Not even the prospect of a holiday, a new dress, or seeing your favorite friend? Do you find your self constantly making feeble excuses to get yourself out of work and social engagements? 

– Do you wake up horribly in the morning and at the same time lay up there feeling exhausted and miserable at the prospect of another day? Are you feeling ashamed of your low mood and think it is your fault? 

– Have you experienced panic attacks or feeling of high anxiety about every day situations you would normally find easy to deal with. For example going out, taking a meeting at work, driving etc. Are you finding hard to concentrate or are you having difficulty getting through your daily task, is it important to make decisions? 

– Have some of your family and friends begun asking you what the matter is? Do you get angry and irritated when they do? 

– When people try and cheer you up, do there efforts fails to comfort and seems utterly pointless? 

– Do you spent a lot of your day with negative, despairing thoughts churning about in your brain?

– Have you started drinking or smoking abnormal amount? 

– Do you want to give up? Does every thing seems too difficult and you simply haven’t energy to cope any more? 

If you answer “yes” to 3 or more questions, you should go and see a doctor as these are the classic symptoms of Depressive Illness.

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