30 Mistakes teacher should never make

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Triboland.com / August 2, 2018

  1. Maintaining an incompetent appearance
  2. Telling untruths
  3. Using vulgar language
  4. Tolerating harassment
  5. Using unsuitable physical contact
  6. Drug use
  7. Neglecting special needs students
  8. Inadequately supervising students
  9. Failing to conduct classroom meeting
  10. Wasting instructional period
  11. Violating student’s right to privacy
  12. Discriminating against students
  13. Addressing no classroom rules, procedures, and academic expectations
  14. Exhibiting impertinence to colleagues
  15. Neglecting to intervene
  16. Lacking to integrate student interest into content
  17. Ignoring students’ safety
  18. Refusing to enforce school rules
  19. Failing to report neglect or abuse
  20. Inability to differentiate instruction
  21. Cheating
  22. Showing disrespect to colleagues
  23. Keeping sloppy attendance
  24. Neglecting student’s life ambition
  25. Failing to set objectives and provide feedback
  26. Failing to use praise or positive reinforcement in class setting
  27. Failing to build positive rapport with parents
  28. Calling home with negative messages only
  29. Ignoring each student’s learning style
  30. Inability to prevent and recuperate from burnout


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