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Planting 2160 trees at the Knucles Range with Reforest Sri Lanka

On 13-11-2016, 180 volunteers planted 2160 indigenous tree saplings at an abandoned Tea land (~2ha) at the Midland Estate, Rattota, Matale. It was an united effort which we hope to continue untill ~20ha of land in this location is reforested. Principal Sponsor: Noritake Lanka Porcelain, Co-Sponsors: Central Environmental Authority-Matale, Inner Wheel Club of Kandy Metropolitan, Trinity College, Kandy-Interact, Voice of Kandy, Lions Club of Dumbara, Lions Club of Senakadagala, Nature Society, NDB Bank-Kandy Region and individual patriots. Special thanks to all who came and volunteered it was tough but rewarding.

Posted by Reforest Sri Lanka on Sunday, November 20, 2016

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